Mineral Point, Wisconsin


  Hope Lutheran Church 

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Executive Committee:  Hope Lutheran Church Council President, Secretary, Treasurer & Vice President.  
This committee meets quarterly to separately discuss Wedge Management and vision as well as accomplishments and growth. 
(Church Council still meets monthly)
 Council:  5 elected members of Hope Lutheran Church that meet monthly to discuss over-all welfare of church.
  • 2021 Council Members are Melissa Gould, Christine James, Greg Sullivan, Jim Wehrle, Ted Weier                                                                        OFFICERS:  President: Jim Wehrle        Vice President:   Greg Sullivan         Secretary:  Melissa Gould           Appointed Treasurer:  Angela Schubert
 Physical Wedge:  Curator & Inner-space Narthex, Remodeling  (Ted & Greg)
 Informational Wedge:  Historian, Worship Bulletin, Advertising, Media & Website (Michelle, Julie, Angie)
 Economic Wedge:  Ministry Management, Asset Usage, Worship Offerings Processing  (Jim Harris, Jim Wehrle)
 Spiritual Wedge:  Sanctuary Prep (Alter Gild) and Adult Christian Education  (Cindy & MaryKay)

Call Committee:  Tim Terrill, Chairperson

ReBoot Buddies: in conjunction with Grace Lutheran, Darlington: (Deb Finkelmeyer and Angie Schubert)

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